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Welcome To Bell's Trucks and Vans Wrecking

Formerly located in Sun Valley, California, Bell’s Trucks and Vans Wrecking has now made its home in Lancaster, California, boasting a sprawling 10-acre facility. As the premier destination for recycled, environmentally-friendly truck, suv, and van parts, we’re committed to providing top-quality automotive solutions while prioritizing sustainability.

Our team has proudly served the Southern California area and shipped nationwide for over a decade. Throughout our tenure, we’ve upheld a steadfast dedication to our customers, ensuring that their automotive needs are met with excellence and efficiency.

At Bell’s, our expansive inventory showcases a vast selection of both foreign and domestic truck and van parts. Every component undergoes rigorous cleaning, inspection, and testing processes to guarantee optimal performance and reliability. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that each part meets our stringent criteria before it’s made available for resale.

In our commitment to environmental responsibility, we adhere to strict guidelines for dismantling vehicles and procuring parts. By employing mandated measures, such as the safe disposal of toxic fluids and the recycling of high-quality reusable automotive components, we actively contribute to preserving our planet’s health.

One of our core principles is to prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. That’s why incoming vehicles are dismantled promptly, ensuring that our valued customers have quick and easy access to the parts they need as soon as possible.

At Bell’s Trucks and Vans Wrecking, we’re more than just a parts provider – we’re your trusted partner in automotive sustainability and excellence. Explore our extensive inventory today and experience the difference firsthand.


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